Private Certification

About Private Certification

With the implementation of the Building Act 2011 for Western Australia you need the right advice to take advantage of our modernized building control legislation. This reform has provided for Private Certification in WA for both residential and commercial development.

Private certification allows a private building surveying practitioner to certify the design of a building for its compliance with the Building Code of Australia.

Private certification will reduce approval times and bring us in line with our eastern states counterparts.

Private certification enables flexibility in the building approval process where an independent building surveyor may determine the application and issue a Certificate of Design Compliance.

The Certificate of Design compliance forms part of your application documentation. By obtaining this Certificate before you lodge for your Building Permit for a building, the Permit Issuing Authority has 10 business days to determine the application.

It is important to note the Certificate of Design Compliance does not assess or certify planning policy or Residential Design Code compliance of the building, only BCA and Building Standard compliance.

All other matters related to the approval must be addressed and complied with. The Permit Authority can still request additional information on a Certified Application if they identify issues of non-compliance or items that have not met their local requirements.

How we can help

Having delivered over 20 training courses and seminars on the Building Act and Regulations to industry state-wide, Romina De Santis has extensive knowledge of the workings of the new Building Act and Regulations.

We will guide you through the process from design sketches through to occupancy. With our strong knowledge of building regulation in WA, teamed with our extensive building surveying experience, we provide the following:

  • Certificates of Design Compliance
  • Certificate of Contruction Compliance
  • Certificate of Building Compliance
  • Inspections required (as appropriate)

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